Talks are TEDx-style talks in which the speaker shares his/her experience with Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, and what impact it has had on him/her or what he has seen on others.

It is another way of meeting those of us who are part of the community, from a more human and non-technical place.


Communities is a guide to the different communities or activities that take place around Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

If you lead or are part of a User Group, or if you organize or participate in events or other activities in the community, help us promote it.

Tell us about your community and make it grow.

Know Your Community

Know Your Community is a relaxed space in which to make yourself known to the rest of the community.

We want the whole community to know you and we have the questions ready to ask you. Do you dare to participate?


Newsroom is a news publishing service around Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to help the entire community stay up-to-date with the latest news.

If you know any RSS that should be part of this Newsroom, let us know.

Happy hours

Happy Hours is the initiative par excellence. It seeks to bring together members of the community in unstructured environments, not only to be able to chat about professional challenges, but above all to allow us to get to know each other better.

In virtual or face-to-face format, Happy Hours are an ideal activity to form a community.

Look for the Happy Hour in your city or postulate it if it doesn't exist yet.

Discusión de grupo

Round tables

Round tables is an initiative that seeks to generate group discussions on various topics of interest.

You can participate in a round table or apply to lead one.


Debates is an initiative that aims to deal with those most controversial points and on which the community is divided, to seek to find points of contact and clarity between the different positions.

You can see the next topics to be debated and join the debate as a speaker or just participate in it.

Evento de habla


Blogs is an initiative that tries to nurture the different blogs in the community to make it easier to find the information you are looking for.

If you have a blog, feel free to syndicate it here


Academy is the mother of initiatives, since it has been the first and the most important.

In Power 365 Academy you can find courses that will help you obtain your certifications and improve your skills as a professional, regardless of whether you are a consultant, architect, presale or project manager.

If you want to be an instructor of any of the planned courses or if you want to apply for a course, do not stop doing it. We want to count on you.

Collaborate to build

a stronger community


Become a sponsor of the different initiatives.


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